How to find unique article for blogger and wordpress

How to find unique article for blogger and wordpress today find unique article for blogger and wordpress all blogger use plugs but today I find unique article without plugs so let's start

How to find unique article for blogger

First of all choose plattform for start blogging 

Two platforms for start blogging 

You choose plattform to start blogging wordpress or blogger 

You have no money for start blogging or and you are begging for blogger 

So you choose it is free for sign up and get free domin name but must have been behind it. 

You can say what is unique article?  Unique article is most important role play in your blog to rank your article in google,yahoo,bing search platform 

I hope you understand what is unique article 

How can check unique article 

You can use some tool for check plugin tool 

First copy any content for any didn't matter what website have you copied the article from?

After copy articles and you search on Google (small seo tool)

Smallseotool is very popular tool for check plugin and much more like sell check, check grammar, modify article, etc......

All blogger use this sit for check plagiarism it is trusted site check unique article 

I recommend this site

After you can see this interface so you see plagiarism Checker so click this button and you can see

You can see the copy and paste articles writtern here and detect plagiarism so past articles that you copy 

And two types to check plagiarism 
1st copy and past articles 
2nd enter URL which you can check plagiarism 

You can copy and paste articles or even enter the URL of that and check plagiarism 

Some limited one time you can check 1000 words only so check you artical word when check work past there box 

And you can see button 

1st check plagiarism button 

2nd check grammar 

Also you can check grammar but today focus check plagiarism so click this button (check plagiarism)

Put copied article in give box or URL and click check plagiarism button 

After click plagiarism proceed start after checked plagiarism show results 

When see unique is 100% so ready to past past article in your blog without concern 

Minimum plagiarism is 5-2 plagiarism 
Maximum plagiarism is 20-25 plagiarism 

How to reduce plagiarism in articles?
If pluralism is around 50%, then you have to reduce the article you have copied.  Go to Google Translator and translate it from English to English, then from English to English and after that go to the article that you have done from English to Hindi and Hindi to English.  Check it in pluralism, then when you check it in plagiarism, you will get 100% unique article.

Small seo tool 

Video for more information

I hope article is helpful so please share this bolg 

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